Member Only Booking

Talley Baseball Performance

*You must have a current membership through TBP before registering for any classes!*

Thank you for signing up to train with Talley Baseball Performance! 

Membership Details:

The membership you just purchased is a recurring membership that will be charged 1 month from the date of purchase and continue until canceled. 

If you wish to cancel your membership at anytime please email

Scheduling Training Sessions 

Scheduling Notes:

  • Cancellation / Rescheduling – Please do this through the confirmation email you received when you first signed up for a session or through your Acuity Scheduling Profile. Any changes must be done 12 hours before the session. If you fail to do and “no show” that sessions will count toward your paid sessions.
  • You may only register for 1 session per week if you are an All Star member or 2 sessions per week if you are a MVP member. 
  • Sessions do not roll over week to week. 
  • You are allowed to do hitting one week and pitching the next if you would like. 
  • You can train with different coaches week to week if that best fits your scheduling needs. 
  • Youth players (ages 9-12) – please sign up for Youth classes only! 13+ sign up for High School Classes!
  • Schedule availability will be done monthly. You are welcome to sign up for all of your sessions for the entire month if you would like. 
  • If you are joining in the middle of a month, please use the link below to sign up for your time slots for the rest of the month.